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Kitchen Scales

Proportions are everything in the cooking world. Too muchcinnamon can ruin a dish, and too little baking powder can doom a pastry.Kitchen scales remove the guesswork and help ensure the proper ratio ofingredients. Even experienced cooks with a developed intuition for proportionscan appreciate the usefulness of kitchen scales, since they can convertmeasurements into imperial and metric units like grams, ounces, pounds andkilograms; it's an especially helpful feature when following new recipes fromforeign cookbooks. You can also use kitchen scales to determine portion sizes,which is great for those following a weight-loss regimen or a special diet.You'll find an assortment of kitchen scales to suit your needs and your budget fromsuofei.

The best food scales are accurate, intuitive to read,easy to clean and sleek for simple storage. Most modern scales are digital, andthey're typically more accurate and slimmer than traditional mechanical scales.SF kitchen scales are a popular choice; most models have a tare function, whichsubtracts the weight of the dish to weigh just the ingredients contained in thedish, and a unit conversion function, so you can get your measurement in therelevant imperial or metric unit.

What makes a kitchenscale a kitchen scale?

Kitchen scales typically measure items between 0.05ounces and 12 pounds. If you're looking to weigh items lighter than about 5grams, you should consider a jeweler's scale. For items heavier than 12 pounds,go for a more general-purpose scale. Kitchen scales are for common food itemslike meats, vegetables, spices and baking ingredients.